Selection of locations

The film studio has 4 shooting pavilions, one of which is the largest in Europe (3613 sq.m.). The area of pavilions allows you to build any necessary scenery and create the necessary locations. There is also a possibility of field-shooting at the studio.

 Pavilion №1

 Year of construction – 1928

 Building area - 3613 sq.m.

 The pavilion is divided into two halves: 1607 sq.m. and 1136 sq.m.

 The height of the running bridges is 15 meters.

 Height to (skate) heights - 21.6 meters.

 Pavilion is equipped with electric trolleys with a carrying capacity of up to 500 kg.

 Pavilion has 5 gates that overlook the working corridor; and 5 gates facing the garden.

The size of the gate is 5x6 meters.

 The pavilion has 2 swimming pools - a depth of 2 meters:

- 12x20 meters. An area of 240 sq.m. 

- 6x6 meters. Area of 36 sq.m.

 The basis of the floor - the soil, logs, timber, laminated chipboard.

 Heating is absent.


Pavilions №6, №7, №8

 Year of construction -1962.

 The dimensions of each building - 37h28 = 1036 sq.m.

 Working area of each: - 31x25 = 775 sq.m.

 The height of the running bridges is 10 meters.

 Each pavilion has a gates that overlook the working corridor - 4x5 m in size.

 In the pavilion ı6 the floor is concrete.

 The floor in the pavilions №7 and №8 - the ground, logs, timber.


 Heating of pavilions is centralized water.

 Pavilions are designed for a clean recording of sound.


For assistance with the selection of locations by phone: (044) 456-94-25